A certified food handler, or cook, prepares snacks and meals for the children. Menus are planned in accordance with the Canada Food Guide and are on a four-week rotation which cycles twice a year. Children will be offered a mid morning snack, lunch, and a mid-afternoon snack.

next to mom infant food

Infant Food

For infants who are eating only pureed foods, baby formula and/or infant cereal, parents must provide all of the necessary foods. If an infant is using bottles, parents must bring filled bottles of pre-mixed formula. Parents do not need to bring milk unless it is for allergy reasons.

Once infants no longer require pureed food and/or formula, table foods and whole milk will be provided by the Centre. Infants under 1 year of age must try all new foods at home at least 3 times before he/she can be served that particular food at the Centre.

next to mom food allergies

Food Allergies

Next to Mom is a peanut/nut free environment. We do not allow any outside food to be brought in by parents except in allergy situations and for infants.

If a child has a specific allergy to a product, the parents must provide food that is already prepared for their child in order to prevent contamination and exposure.

Parents with a child who has an anaphylactic allergy, plus the child’s Doctor, must give additional information and provide an emergency plan in case of an anaphylactic emergency.

Epinephrine (Epi Pen) is kept with each group of children at all times and all employees are trained to administer the epinephrine.